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Africa Playing Cards


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Edition: 2nd
Format: Standard Pack with 3 Jokers
Size: 63 x 89mm


Benefits of playing cards for children:

  • Learn about Africa:

MapStudio playing cards help adults and children to learn aboutAfrica.

Each card features an African nation with area in miles, area in kilometers, highest point name,

population figures, capital city, other important cities, currency used and main exports.

  • Portability:

MapStudio cards are compact, portable and can be played anywhere.

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills:

MapStudio cards can help both adults and children improve their fine and gross motor skills.

  • Quickening of Reflexes:

Shuffling and dealing may help quicken reflexes.

  • Hand Eye Co-ordination:

Card games can encourage hand-eye co-ordination and help stimulate and exercise the mind.

  • Encourage Language Sills and Interaction: 

Card games give adults and children the opportunity to interact with one another whilst engaging in friendly competition.

  • Strategy: 

Some card games entail a great deal of strategy.

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