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More Back-Road 4×4 Trips (eBook/ePub)


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Edition: 1st Edition
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Product Description

More Back Road 4×4 Trips is written by the intrepid traveller and author Mariëlle Renssen and her two travel partners who were kept busy exploring and writing the sequel to their first book ‘Our Top 4×4 Trips’ ― ‘More Back-Road 4×4 Trips’.

The particular focus of Mariëlle’s second book is personal experience: each trip has been personally driven, and the accommodation recommendations tried and tested – with opinions given frankly and honestly. The idea is that other travellers learn from the experience gained by Marielle and co-authors — the roads they expressly chose, those they avoided; what they loved en route, what stuck in their throats; their brilliant moves, their regrettable mistakes.

Passion plays a big part in this book, too. The day-by-day trip descriptions are detailed, accompanied by striking colour images and maps with GPS waypoints for use in conjunction with any navigation system. There are bird, flower and tree lists; information on geology, historical and cultural aspects; even technical requirements, packing lists and border formalities, where relevant.

The authors have also proved that you can tackle rugged 4×4 trails, and bump and sway across tens of thousands of kilometres (as they have done), yet still have your comforts at the end of the day – that is, a hot shower, flush toilet and a fridge for those cold beers.

By steering you in the right direction and guiding you through the potential pitfalls, this book, with its 10 new trips, allows you to learn from the authors’ experience. It presents a launch pad for your own back-road adventures, to be moulded and adapted entirely to suit you.

Routes include Southern-Central Mozambique, West-central Lesotho and the greater South Africa.

About the author:-

Marielle Renssen 2

Mariëlle Renssen was born in Zimbabwe of Dutch parents, educated in Cape Town, has lived and worked twice in New York City and is now settled in Knysna. So a compulsive wanderer she claims to be! Having travelled extensively in Europe, America and Southern Africa, she can’t get the travel and writing bug out of her blood.

Mariëlle was with Struik New Holland Publishers for 12 years, working variously as book editor, writer and publisher. She is the author of many books, ranging in subject from marathon running and alternative health to a teenager living with dyslexia. Today her focus is mainly off-road travel writing in Southern Africa, where she writes extensively for MapStudio and for travel company Back RoadTours ( which she co-established with husband, Hirsh, and a traveller friend.

Some of the major books written for MapStudio

Tourist Atlases to the Western Cape & Mozambique

Wild Southern Africa National Parks & Reserves

Drive Southern Africa

Globetrotter Safari Guide South Africa

Mariëlle’s books published by MapStudio

Our Top 4×4 Trips


Contributor to Dorling Kindersley’s Eyewitness Travel Guide to South Africa


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