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Staycation Joburg and Pretoria

25 beautiful budget weekend escapes from Johannesburg

25 beautiful budget weekend escapes from Johannesburg Original post by Melanie van Zyl For more ideas 100km from Joburg and Pretoria, see our new release STAYCATION JHB AND PTA These are the best, beautiful and affordable accommodation options near Johannesburg – plan your perfect budget weekend away from the city. Just four hours drive or […]

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The best SA beaches to swim at this summer

The best SA beaches to swim at this summer For your comprehensive guide to South African Beaches, please click here! Posted October 11, 2017 by Getaway Read time: 5 minutes The Blue Flag Programme, now in its 30th year in South Africa, is focused on the conservation of marine and coastal habitats and works to increase […]

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Overlanding to Mozambique

For our Adventure Road Map Mozambique – please click here Overlanding into Mozambique By: Kylie Granat 13 Oct 2017 09:24 (UTC+2) Overlanding into Mozambique opens up an array of experiences one might not experience otherwise. Overlanding into Mozambique opens up a vast array of options for travellers, as one can visit remote areas that are […]

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To the beach!

Summer is chasing away our Spring rains here in Cape Town. The sun is out and people have started heading to the beach. The lure of the white sand and blue seas, the far call of a gull is all too much for us over-stressed and desperate parents. AND SO we head to the beach […]

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Wild flowers

FLOWER SPOTTING (with the sun on your back)

It’s not often you are told to get in your car and look for flowers. I will happily fall on that sword any day. And yes, being employed by MapStudio, I grabbed both our Visitor’s Guide Flower Route and Flower Route Road Map and hopped in the car. The Visitor’s Guide covers everything from A […]

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Why road maps won’t die

How did we manage to get from point A to B before GPS and navigation apps – why, a trusted road map In a country as vast as South Africa, many South Africans take to the open road to visit small dorpies and experience the great outdoors. Many motorists have a GPS in their vehicle or google […]

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10 great travel tips we love

As a first time traveler it is always hard to remember what to pack, what to do and how to plan for your first overseas holiday, but it need not be a daunting task! Here are some of our top 10 traveling tips to help you plan and make the most of your holiday experience. Be patient […]

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cartographer 4

A career as a cartographer

A career that is often overlooked  is that of a cartographer, someone who will measure, analyse and interpret geographical information to create maps and charts. Cartography in a nutshell means the art and science of producing maps.   MapStudio has a number of great cartographers who work tirelessly on producing quality maps, giving you the most accurate […]

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Know your map~how to read maps

Being the largest producer of maps in Southern Africa, when it comes to maps you will be surprised how many people do not know how to read a map! So let’s take a look at the features of a map and the different types of maps. Each map displays different information and most include a scale […]

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Be a darling and travel to the Swartland

I recently did a spontaneous weekend’s excursion up the West Coast to discover the spring flowers, but what I discovered instead was a ‘blooming’ and vibrant town called Darling. Leaving Cape Town to travel along the R27, is the !Khwa ttu cultural centre where you can learn about ancient hunter-gatherers. The courteous and friendly staff at !Khwa […]

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