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10 great travel tips we love

As a first time traveler it is always hard to remember what to pack, what to do and how to plan for your first overseas holiday, but it need not be a daunting task! Here are some of our top 10 traveling tips to help you plan and make the most of your holiday experience. Be patient […]

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A career as a cartographer

A career that is often overlooked  is that of a cartographer, someone who will measure, analyse and interpret geographical information to create maps and charts. Cartography in a nutshell means the art and science of producing maps.   MapStudio has a number of great cartographers who work tirelessly on producing quality maps, giving you the most accurate […]

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Know your map~how to read maps

Being the largest producer of maps in Southern Africa, when it comes to maps you will be surprised how many people do not know how to read a map! So let’s take a look at the features of a map and the different types of maps. Each map displays different information and most include a scale […]

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Be a darling and travel to the Swartland

I recently did a spontaneous weekend’s excursion up the West Coast to discover the spring flowers, but what I discovered instead was a ‘blooming’ and vibrant town called Darling. Leaving Cape Town to travel along the R27, is the !Khwa ttu cultural centre where you can learn about ancient hunter-gatherers. The courteous and friendly staff at !Khwa […]

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Life’s a Beach is about discovering iconic South African beaches

Life’s a Beach discover iconic beaches If you happen to be like me, I live to travel. There is nothing more exhilarating than to visit quaint little towns, browse through their old antique shops, delight in homemade food and of course my favourite, explore beautiful wine farms (and savour wine). South Africa is truly a […]

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A portrait of Cape Town

A portrait of Cape Town It is true that a picture can say a thousand words, and with MapStudio’s new release, 50 Portraits of Cape Town, Paul Bruins does just that with his stunning photography portraying the beauty of our Mother City. Here are just some of the iconic sights that make Cape Town one […]

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Parents Guide to Pokemon GO

As parents we struggle to keep up with our kids and their knack for understanding new technology. I went out with my three to discover what Pokemon GO is all about. A global craze that has hit South African shores with a resounding thud. Pokemon GO is a GPS, map based game and generates a […]

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Hankey - strawberry ladies

Victorian engineering

By Jennifer Stern I recently did a road trip through Baviaanskloof in a cute adorable but ever-so-tough bright green Subaru XV, that I picked up from Action Rentals. And en route I stopped in Hankey, where I learned all kinds of interesting things. If you know anything about Hankey at all it’s probably as the […]

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Victorian trading post De Rust

By Jennifer Stern I woke up at Oliviers Rust, a fabulous little self-catering spot in De Rust, but somehow decided that self-catering was not on the menu. So, I chucked all my stuff in the car in preparation for further exploration, and drove down the main road to see what De Rust had to offer […]

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Discover 10 great camping sites in South Africa

Our newly updated book Camp & Caravan gives you the latest information on where to find the best camping spots in South Africa. Packed with information for each region and great overview maps, you will be able to spend many happy camping days around a roaring fire with the entire family. Chapman’s Peak Cottages and Caravan Park Chapman’s Peak […]

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