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A-Z Place Names of South Africa

Rich tapestry of SA place names

In spite of South Africa’s rather short history (or perhaps because of it) and the strong influence of a number of nations and languages, this country has a rich tapestry of weird, wonderful and often amusing place names.
Rich tapestry of SA place namesNames that spring to mind are Baardskeerdersbos, Beestekraal, Bonteheuwel, Bushbuckridge, Churchhaven, Die Hel, Flagship, Grootdrink…and these are only a random selection of an estimated 900 place names listed in a new booklet called A-Z Place Names of South Africa.

Meticulously and interestingly researched and assembled by Ann Gadd, author of 15 books and a popular SA artist, this book is a must for anybody who is infected by a permanent urge to see what is beyond the horizon and to explore the rich heritage and history of his colourful country.

This book takes a close look at the more interesting places in all of the nine major regions and not only does it tell the reader where names originated (and its previous names) but includes interesting information such as the town’s theme and the reasons why it should be visited.

Published by Mapstudio it deserves a permanent perch in any traveller’s backpack because it is guaranteed to add spice to any road trip, short or long.

Ps – So how did Baardskeerdersbos get its name? The most accepted theory is that its name is derived from a farm named in Dutch, Baardscheerders Bosch which was home to a species of arachnid variously called camel spiders, wind scorpions or sun spiders which apparently cuts its own hair to build a nest.

Bet you didn’t know that one…