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Road Tripping Namibia

Road Tripping Namibia

Road Tripping Namibia, by Fiona McIntosh, Shaen Adey, Willie Olivier, Ron Swilling, Katy Sharpe and Nick Buys, will open your eyes to Namibia…
Road Tripping NamibiaThere is an old saying in Namibia: “Wear out one pair of shoes in Namibia and you will always return,” and this detailed guide of some of the amazing destinations in this ruggedly beautiful country is ample evidence of its magical appeal.

Having lived, worked, soldiered, holidayed and extensively travelled in Namibia for many years I can testify to the strength of the umbilical cord, which links you to its ruggedly desolate coastline, wide open spaces, desert sun-sets, unique animal life and its small but friendly multi-cultured population.

In this precisely detailed and user-friendly, cross-referenced guide, compiled by Fiona McIntosh, Willie Olivier, Ron Swilling and Nick Buys, the reader gets to share the road trips to some of the better-known attractions as well as some way-out places (including two I have added to my bucket-list).

The guide is jam-packed with detailed information which will be particularly useful for first-time visitors including tips about opening hours, emergency telephone numbers, travelling with pets, safety tips, hiring a car, road conditions, the weather, activities not to be missed (along with an assortment of maps and reference points) and even suggestions for background reading.

As Africa guides go, Road Tripping Namibia scores 10 out of 10 and even if you only have a few drops of wanderlust in your bloodstream this team effort deserves permanent residence in your bookcase, backpack or vehicle cubby-hole.

Footnote: Recommended retail price R295 or from Map Studio at or call 0860 10 50 50.