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Bookslive – New Ann Gadd Wine Labels are Nothing to Be Sheepish About

Ann-Gadd-portraitAnn Gadd is the author of 19 books translated across many different languages – including A-Z Place Names Of South Africa and Ewe in the Office – and one of South Africa’s best-selling and most popular artists (with a particular fondness for sheep).

She is responsible for creating the art movement known as Baabaaism, which reflects the social and intellectual preoccupations of sheep, using popular visual language.

Gadd’s wonderful “Art for Ewe” series can be seen on a wide range of products, from coasters to posters, and can even be commissioned, so you can have your own ewenique piece of art. With the latest product the artist got the opportunity to combine two of her passions (sheep and wine) when asked to design and write copy for new wine labels for Paarl-based wine farm Under Oaks’ new Bla Bla Bla range.

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