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Coffee Culture At Tribe Coffee

Coffee Culture at Tribe

The launch of the book was hosted at Tribe Coffee Roasters in Woodstock, Cape Town, and it was quite the event to get into coffee. Firstly, owner and master roaster Jake Easton, talked the attendees through the journey of coffee and how far it’s come over the last few years. His passion is infectious and his sense of humour had everyone in stitches. He introduced the author of the book, Peter, who explained his method of reviewing each establishment he visited. Some places, he said, he couldn’t even drink two sips of the coffee, while at others he didn’t want to have anything else for the rest of the day, just so that the taste would remain in his mouth.

Everyone in attendance then took part in  some fun as they had to taste coffee from four different, unmarked flasks. After tasting the coffee, they had to write down what they think the origin of the coffee was. A difficult task as there was nothing to reference the coffee to. However, after some time, the cards were checked and those closest to the correct origin won some fantastic prizes.

Visit Tribe in Woodstock for great pastries, breakfast and excellent quality coffee. Grab a copy of Coffee Culture the next time you’re in your favourite bookstore as it makes for an interesting coffee table read.