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DoItNow Farm Stall to Farm Stall review

Farm Stall to Farm Stall

Reader’s corner: Farm Stall to Farm Stall


Words: MapStudio

There are hundreds of farm stalls dotted all around South Africa – some in the heart of big cities, and some tucked away in the middle of nowhere. Until now, many of them were hard to find.

Reader's Corner: Farm Stall to Farm Stall

Photo credit: MapStudio

Farm Stall to Farm Stall, by Jennifer Stern, is a beautifully illustrated and easy-to-read guide to finding real food in unreal places. Following broad routes between major centres, this book lists and describes in excess of 150 farm stalls. This book takes you on a journey of discovery from tiny roadside shacks to charming country emporia and includes prized recipes of best-loved fare.

Published by MapStudios, Farm Stall to Farm Stall is for anyone who loves to discover homemade culinary delights.

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Answer this easy question and you could win one of three fantastic Farm Stall to Farm Stall books, by Jennifer Stern.

Q: How many farm stalls are featured in the book?

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