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Farm Stall to Farm Stall – The best food trawler book

Farm Stall to Farm Stall

by Asanda Mcoyana on 27 August 2014

Farm Stall to Farm Stall is a collection of the best farm stalls and markets for food lovers and avid farm-stall trawlers in South Africa.

Farm_Stall_to_Farm_Stall_Book - Drive Southern Africa

Each stall has been individually visited and researched. The farm stalls are listed according to the route on which they are found and the handy quick-finder and overview maps will enable you to plan your stop according to child-friendliness or pet-friendliness, if you are on a family outing.

The ratings given in the book are based on the best coffee, tea and best local food. There are also a number of great recipes for several of the delectable delights. The book also covers accommodation in the area where the farm stall is, the nearest town, contact details and operating hours for all the farm stalls.

The author of the book, Jennifer Stern, travelled 13,000km visiting and researching all the farm stalls listed in this book. Having reviewed this book, we testify to and approve of every stall. One of the greatest features of the book is that at the back of the book is a list of annual markets and festivals as well as what to expect from each, with handy websites and contact details.

Markets and festivals are also featured in Farm Stalls to Farm Stalls

If you struggle to drive past a Farm Stall without going in or simply love good wholesome food then this book should live in your glove box. With all the great reviews, recipes and tips there is no harm in buying one for the house and the car.