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Coffee Culture

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The South African Coffee-Lovers Bible


MapStudio’s new Coffee Culture is for anyone who loves and appreciates coffee and wants to know where to get the best coffee in South Africa. With 110 individually reviewed places to drink coffee, you never have to drink a soulless cup of coffee again. Learn about each individual coffee owner, their coffee philosophy, what is special about their coffee and brewing styles, as well as where to find them and other interesting facts.

Millions of people around the world look forward to a cup of coffee whether at home relaxing on the move or first thing in the morning. The aroma, taste and the sense of feeling “refreshed and rejuvenated” after a cup of coffee, brings pleasure to many of us. Coffee has become more than just a ‘cup of filter coffee’ it has become a culture, and finding a good cup of coffee, is that much more important to many of us.

Gain insight into the history of coffee, where coffee is grown and consumed, the different types of coffee beans.

Become a great home barista when you learn about coffee brewing methods, including the types of machinery to use, do and don’t, as well as cleaning, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Become the ultimate home barista with Coffee Culture.

[box]About the authors:-

???????????????????????????????Peter Primich is a long-time coffee lover – he started drinking Turkish coffee at the age of five (with milk added). He loves espresso-based drinks and starts his day with two cups. He has become very involved in all things coffee, attending barista courses and a commercial cupping course. He is a barista competition judge, hoping to achieve WBC (World Barista Championship) certification soon.







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  1. Will

    It’s like Platters for coffee but without the pretentiousness.

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