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Ewe in the Office



Ewe in the Office is following on the huge success “Things ewe never Kn’ewe about South African Place Names”.  MapStudio’s new book, Ewe in the Office, is a humorous look at business terms and language in the working environment.

This is a beautiful A5-sized gift, Ewe in the Office, features 97 artworks by Ann Gadd, who is renowned for her fun and quirky sheep illustrations.

In this book, she employs her ewenique humour to focus on matters in the world of business.


Ann Gadd recently had a relaunch for 3 of her books – Ewe in the Office, A-Z Place Names and Things ewe never Kn’ewe about South African place names, at Groot Constantia. It was great success. To read more… Complete Article: Sheep and South Africa Place Names

To read more an article (New Ann Gadd Wine Label are nothing to be sheepish about) on Bookslive – click here


About the author:

Ann Gadd portraitThe story of Ewe…

Ewe was tired of being fleeced and having the wool pulled over her eyes in the large corporate flock for whom she worked.   Her future stock options were limited to being roast lamb or someone’s sweater. Neither was appealing for this sheepish artist.  Telling them (in the nicest possible way) to flock off, she set off to find ewetopia and after being recognised initially as a lambscape painter, she turned her attention to sheep.  Since then she was exhibited in many countries and her paintings hang in collections worldwide.

Ann Gadd is the author of 19 books and one of South Africa’s most popular and successful artists (with a particular fondness for sheep).

After 15 years in advertising and design, tired of having the wool pulled over her eyes, she opted out and plunged into owning a health store, writing books, being an alternative practitioner, journalism and, most of all, painting quirky sheep paintings. She also ran art workshops and was the SA National Boardsailing Champion (in her spare time) while being a mother to her two children and several animals (but sadly, no sheep).

She is responsible for creating the art movement known as Baabaaism, which reflects the social and intellectual preoccupations of sheep, using popular visual language.[/box]

Watch the video here :

Smile Radio Ewe Product

Ewe in the Office – branded and customised products by MapStudio!

MapStudio launches Ann’s books at Groot Constantia

he launch of three of Ann Gadd’s quirky titles was a splendid affair. It was held at the Art at Constantiaart gallery, located in the Bertram’s tasting room at the historic wine farm, Groot Constantia.

The utterly delightful books Ewe in the Office, A-Z Place Names Of South Africa, and Things ewe never KnEwe about South African place names were presented to fans of the author and artist, who is also a healer and teacher. This multi-talented woman is a hilarious raconteur and her humour shines through the texts of her books.

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