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We have all been scammed at one time or another, with or without realising it. People have been scamming others for thousands of years, and scams work because of two uniquely human traits – greed and gullibility. MapStudio’s new book, Scammed, looks at uncovering the techniques of scams, hoaxes and cons.

Part one looks at famous scams and the psychology of how and why scams work, as well as ways of preventing being scammed and the various types of scams used.

Part two “ready to have some fun” has easy-to-do magic tricks, giving readers challenges, puzzles, predictions and amazing feats and other fun stuff to try out with family and friends. You don’t have to understand an illusion to enjoy it, and what is magic to some is just science to others.


• Famous scams, the psychology of how and why scams work
• Ways to prevent being scammed
• Internet, email and financial scams
• Pseudo-science technology
• Mind over matter : The World of the psychic
• I see dead people : The World of the clairvoyant
• Heal the world (for a price) The world of faith healing
• The latest and greatest : Y2K
• The latest and greatest: Balance bangles hand in the balance
• Scams using Facebook as a platform
• Scams using cell phones as a platform
• Detail on ponzi schemes
• Updates on 419 and similar scams
• More detail on scam protection
• Examples of modern scams
• Psychic fraud
• The Malaysian plane, MH 370
• Celebrity psychics
• Advertising scams, telemarketing scams
• Easy-to-do magic tricks
• Relationship between magic and scams

Carte Blanche recently wrote an article about ”Scams: How to avoid them”. To read the article, click here

For the digital version – click here

[box]About the author:

Picture-Stephen-CloeteStephen Cloete is an international entertainer and professional speaker, with experience as a performing magician.

He currently works as a cruise director for one of the largest cruise ship companies in the world and has done so for the past 15 years.

His knowledge of magic comes from his experience over the past three and half decades of performing, dabbling in most styles of magic – from close-up, entertaining just a few people at a time, to stage shows in front of audiences of thousands. He has performed illusions, sleight of hand, escapology, magic for children and mentalism (a branch of magic whereby the magician can supposedly read people’s minds) to fool people for fun.

He is perfectly comfortable claiming to be an expert in the field of magic and has competed in and judged many magic competitions, both local and international.



There is a sucker born every minute…


Try this fun magic trick!


The Microsoft Technical Support Scam


Scammed Trailer




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3 reviews for Scammed!

  1. Tommy

    I have been waiting a long time for this book as I couldn’t get my hands on his first. I attended one of the author’s lectures on scams and since then I have encountered a few scams which I was able to avoid thanks to his advice. I’m sure the book is going to be great if even half as good as his live presentation.

  2. Bridgette

    Wow… Even better than his first book. Highly informative and guaranteed to scam proof the reader, but only if they read, absorb and take note of all the information given.

    Hope there’s going to be another one…

  3. Will

    Got it – read it in one sitting. Double thumbs.

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