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Slingsby Tankwa-Karoo & Roggeveld Escarpment Map



Slingsby Tankwa-Karoo & Roggeveld Escarpment Map

The Tankwa-Karoo is scarcely a two hour drive from Cape Town, yet until recently the region has been known and explored by only the hardiest of travellers. It is a true desert, but after spring rains it can be a feast of flowers. It is ringed by mountains, the fynbos-clad
Cederberg to the west and the beautiful, high Roggeveld around Sutherland to the east.

Here are mighty plains – the remains of an ancient seabed – with extraordinary fauna and flora, flanked by mighty peaks scratching 2000 metres. There are breathtaking passes, fantastic ravines and a history filled with great joys and many sadnesses. Here were the
first roads to the fabled diamond fields, lost roads to the lure of gold. If you crave silence you’ll find it here like nowhere else, under vast, star-filled skies.

What a monumental project … you didn’t create a map, you wrote an epic novel … JSE

“If you love maps, like I do, you’ll enjoy each astonishing one produced by Peter and Maggie Slingsby, adventurers who drive every road to scour the countryside for their monumental projects. Their latest offering covers Tankwa Karoo National Park and its vast surroundings, from
mighty plains and peaks to breathtaking passes and ravines, the fynbos-clad Cederberg to the west, the Roggeveld mountains around Sutherland to the east. — ‘Wild’ magazine’s ‘best reads for summer 2018’ the editor, Romi Boom

The Slingsbys excel at detail. Look for the sad sites of war graves, trekboer wagon tracks, the tortuous routes taken by fortune seekers to diamond diggings, the birthplaces of poets… as well as background information gathered first-hand from locals who have lived here for generations. – Romi Boom”

Tankwa is a must for those who crave isolation and don’t fear lonely roads. Armed with this double-sided, full relief map, you’ll feel like an explorer on the gravel roads thanks to multiple classifications that indicate the quality of each road to help you plan your route.
The waterproof, tear resistant map links to the Slingsby maps of the Cederberg and the Swartberg and Klein Karoo.

The Tankwa has become increasingly popular in recent years; famous for its wonder-filled National Park and for hosting the annual AfrikaBurn festival. There are many delightful places to stay and, in the high Roggeveld with its winter snowfalls, many fascinating nooks and crannies to explore. But this is not a place for the faint-hearted – we advise travelling these lonely roads with at least a pair of well-equipped high-clearance vehicles, and two spare wheels!

– This is the first detailed map ever produced of the whole Tankwa and the Roggeveld Escarpment; may you enjoy your exciting journeys of discovery just as we did when we drove every one of these roads for this project.
– This double-sided, full-relief map covers, at a scale of 1:200 000, the eastern Cederberg mountain range in the west and the Roggeveld escarpment to the east.
– In between lies the entire Tankwa-Karoo and the smaller but drier Ceres-Karoo.
– From Calvinia in the north the map stretches southwards to Middelpos, Sutherland and Laingsburg, and westwards to Touws River and Ceres, with Op-die-Berg and Wupperthal on the western edge.
– All roads from National Highways to minor gravel roads are shown; the many classifications that indicate the quality of each road help you plan your route.
– There is a special section about the roads.
– Distances are clearly shown with 4 x 4 information and warnings where necessary.
– GPS coordinates in DD MM SS format are provided for every road-junction.
– All tourism facilities and accommodation establishments are shown in the out-of-town areas.
– The map links to our maps of the Cederberg and the Swartberg and Klein-Karoo.

– A1 double-sided full colour map
– Scale 1:200 000 (5cm = 10km) 20m contours; relief and hill shading
– 5’ Long/Lat grid
– Coords in DD MM SS format at every road-junction
– Waterproof and tear resistant in plastic sleeve


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