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The South African Bike Book



If you love cycling and want to learn more about this sport, then South Africa Bike Book & Events Guide is for you.

Cycling is a complex sport and if you want to improve your abilities, whether it is just to make it to the top of your nearest hill without stopping, or whether to win a champion race, cycling takes dedication and sacrifice.

In this book we give you everything you need to equip yourself to become the best cyclist you can be.

The book will introduce you to the origins of the humble bicycle, as well as key safety and cycling regulations and tips on staying alive.

As a cyclist knowing your equipment and the anatomy of your bike is important. This book gives you all the information you require on how to buy the correct bike, the variety of bikes on the market, how the various options differ, and how many different ones you need to covet, rather than need.

Other chapters include the gear (kitting yourself out properly), the workshop (how to care for your bike), set-up and skills (basic set-up, road skills and MTB skills) as well as training and nutrition (the basics, recovery, injury and illness).

The last chapter focuses on top events highlighting the top 5 road races and MTB races and other popular cycle races, uniquely African races, DIY and the ultras.

Of course once you have equipped yourself with this knowledge we give you a fantastic ride and training logbook, because practice makes perfect.

So get your ride on, with the ultimate South Africa Bike Book & Events Guide today!

For the digital version – click here

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[box]Tim-BrinkAbout the author

Tim Brink is the editor of Ride magazine, South Africa’s oldest cycling title, and has had an indecent obsession with bicycles since he was twelve. In fifteen years as a cycling journalist, preceded by stints as a bike mechanic, shop manager, event organiser and all-round bike nerd, he has still to get a real job, and has seen it all.

For what’s not covered here, try him on Twitter – @timbrink – the door is always open.[/box]

Author Tim Brink, living the brand!

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