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Yellowstone to Yosemite – Digital Book



Yellowstone to Yosemite – a road trip through national parks of south west USA


The birth of this digital book is simply due to the fact that we couldn’t find what we wanted while doing our own pre-trip research – travel books were short on inspiration, images didn’t speak to us, text lacked passion. There was never any fire or deep personal involvement in the words. Yes, the guidebooks gave you facts and figures (dry…), filled you in on history and culture (cerebral…), but we never got the experiential side of traveling (lively!).

Added to that, the heap of books on the shelves were each too specific to a single area, which made it difficult to string a multitude of
sights together in one trip. And that’s where we come in! We’ve created a logical route that links a mass of scenic destinations, which you now can break into as short or as long a trip as your
adventuring heart desires. And that’s what we’re doing with this e-book. We give you not the dry theory but the real deal, the direct experience of how it actually feels, tastes and smells. We
observe, ask questions, dig up all sorts of things the guidebooks don’t tell you about.

There are also real-life nature lists (not the academic kind) … what you’re likely to see, or not, as the case may be, in the plant, tree, bird and animal kingdom. Then there’s the geology. You just can’t ignore it. The American South West is so much about the Colorado Plateau and its layer cake of 18 geological strata that have been dissected and exposed over eons, that I’m compelled to delve into the details. So, this is as much a nature book as a travel journal.

We’ve learned that the more effort you put into observing the environment around you, the deeper your enjoyment and appreciation of the natural world. The weird thing is, once you start trying to identify, say, blood-red branches (manzanita), salmon-pink leaves (dogwood), twisted pods, star-shaped leaves – you become addicted. Try it, you’ll see.

We’d also like to think we bring a fresh perspective ……your potential adventure through our roving travelers’ eyes. We dish up our successes
and failures, the high points and low points, what we could have done better, or not at all. And the whole is narrated with tongue firmly in the cheek. Yes, our sense of humor is more off the- wall than most, but it got us through long days on the road cooped up in an SUV. Traveling in a foreign country with its specific quirks, and social and cultural mores, there was much we found perplexing. We’ve pulled no punches in the telling, but we intend no offence to anyone.



About the Authors:

Y2Y Author Pics

Mariëlle Renssen, Hirsh Aronowitz, Keith Titley –

Y2Y Introduction:

As a way of introducing ourselves, we are a team of three friends who have, over the years and across 1,000s and 1,000s of miles, proven excellent travel companions. After testing our mettle bouncing across the wilds of Southern Africa in two off-road vehicles (and published books about it), it simply was time to test the wilds of western USA. Which is why you’re now drooling over (hopefully!) Yellowstone to Yosemite. This e-book is the result of our momentous 4,000-mile, two-month adventure across seven states – from Denver, Colorado, to Mammoth Lakes, California. We’ve been from 11,000ft to minus 200ft, from 25°F to 109°F. It was an unforgettable journey where each park, impossibly, managed to outshine the next.















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