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Why road maps won’t die

How did we manage to get from point A to B before GPS and navigation apps – why, a trusted road map

In a country as vast as South Africa, many South Africans take to the open road to visit small dorpies and experience the great outdoors. Many motorists have a GPS in their vehicle or google maps on their phones, but a common question we get asked is why someone would need a road map? Surely road maps are dead in the digital era?

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Very simply put, if your data bundle or phone signals let’s you down and you happen to be in the middle of nowhere, its time to pull out a lovingly put-together road map, compiled by an actual human being, who has taken into consideration your travel needs, what you want to see as well as show you places of interest, then the resounding answer would be an overwhelming YES, of course you do!

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Our road maps cover most of Southern Africa and come in a handy plastic wallet that is easy to transport and keep in your cubbyhole. All our maps are available as a physical product as well as a selection of digital ePDFs.

Get your GPS companion with a trusted road map!

Don’t be without one!

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