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Stephen Cloete – Comedian, Lecturer, Cruise Ship Director and now Author

Picture-Stephen-CloeteStephen Cloete is an international entertainer and professional speaker, with experience as a performing magician.

He currently works as a cruise director for one of the largest cruise ship companies in the world and has done so for the past 15 years.

His knowledge of magic comes from his experience over the past three and half decades of performing, dabbling in most styles of magic – from close-up, entertaining just a few people at a time, to stage shows in front of audiences of thousands. He has performed illusions, sleight of hand, escapology, magic for children and mentalism (a branch of magic whereby the magician can supposedly read people’s minds) to fool people for fun.

He is perfectly comfortable claiming to be an expert in the field of magic and has competed in and judged many magic competitions, both local and international.

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