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Wild flowers

FLOWER SPOTTING (with the sun on your back)

It’s not often you are told to get in your car and look for flowers. I will happily fall on that sword any day. And yes, being employed by MapStudio, I grabbed both our Visitor’s Guide Flower Route and Flower Route Road Map and hopped in the car. The Visitor’s Guide covers everything from A […]

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Staying connected – Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda

Staying connected 8 Jun 2018 – by Kerry Hayes How to stay connected in the ‘dark continent’. Africa is often perceived complicated when it comes to internet connectivity, with travellers fearing they will be out of touch with friends, family and the social world while journeying across the bush, beach and tropical terrain. But while […]

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Passes en Poorts

Passes and Poorts by Marion Whitehead

Passes and Poorts 28 of South Africa’s favourite Passes and Poorts Is not our first thought to go on the road? The road is our source, our vault of treasures, our wealth. – Ryszard Kapuściński, Travels with Herodotus (Penguin, 2007), p.258 The magic of mountains What is it that draws us to the mountains? Is […]

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Discover 10 great camping sites in South Africa

Our newly updated book Camp & Caravan gives you the latest information on where to find the best camping spots in South Africa. Packed with information for each region and great overview maps, you will be able to spend many happy camping days around a roaring fire with the entire family. Chapman’s Peak Cottages and Caravan Park Chapman’s Peak […]

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10 fascinating place names

10 fascinating place names

South Africa is a country of vast differences and each town has it’s own fascinating story to tell. Here are 10 fascinating towns, their name origins, history and attractions. 1. ACORNHOEK Mpumalanga established in 1940s Name origin: possibly an adaption of Eekhoringhoek (squirrel corner) after the bushveld mice found here. Another possibility is the fruit […]

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Mooiloop! THE BOOK

Mooiloop! THE BOOK discover the people, places and recipes

Following the award-winning programme on SABC2, Mooiloop, we bring to you, THE BOOK! Discover 39 small towns and learn all about the history, architecture, economic activities, people, recipes and hospitality. Below are extracts from these small towns to discover their lifestyle, culture and the essence of each place that these people call home. Calitzdorp Calitzdorp is almost the […]

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Things to do in Moer & Gone Places

Things to do in Moer & Gone Places your Guide to over 100 of South Africa’s outdoor secrets Discover South Africa as you have never seen it before. Outdoor secret destinations covering activities, accommodation, amenities and sights. Cape Vidal – Elephant Coast – KwaZulu Natal Where else in the world can you see dolphins early […]

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