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Africa Businessman’s Mining & Minerals Wall Map



Africa Businessman’s Mining and Minerals Wall Map

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The Africa Businessman’s Mining, Minerals Wall Map is a detailed and easy-to-read wall map of Africa which provides information on mining, mineral and railway routes information. It includes major and minor roads with route numbers and distances.

The mining and mineral information includes major gas, oil and coal fields, major mineral deposit regions and major mines indicated with mineral deposits (chrome, coal, copper, aluminum, arsenic, asbestos, bauxite, cement, stone, uranium, soda, diamonds, iron, manganese, nickel, clay, cobalt, ferroalloys, diatomite, sulphur, vermiculite, barite, platinum, titanium, vanadium, zinc, dolomite, fluorspar, gemstones, granite, tantalum, celestite, lead, lime, marble, natural gas, oil, petroleum, phosphate rock, steel, salt, sodium sulphate, tin, tungsten, phosphate and phosphoric acid).

The inset maps indicate trade blocks of Africa, customs and monetary unions, African members of League of Arab States, African countries by GDP and Human Development Index, African Union, World Trade Organization members, Southern African Customs Union, COMESA, EAC, ECCAS, ECOWAS and SADC members.

The main map includes capital cities, major towns, towns, major metropolitan areas by population, coverage of all the countries in Africa (including Madagascar and the Indian Ocean Islands), rail routes with lines and stations, national parks, reserves, sea routes and distances to major ports, airports, airfields, border crossings with names, water features (dams, lakes, rivers and deltas) and colour-coded countries for convenient overview.

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Dimensions 1750 × 1590 mm


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