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Gone Fishing


South Africa, Mozambique and Namibia

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Gone Fishing is complied by Paul Crowley, Justine Lindsay and Georgina Jones,  features the greatest fishing spots along the entire coastline of South Africa and selected sites in Mozambique and Namibia as well as some of the popular inland fishing areas.

Precise GPS coordinates and detailed maps will make sure that fishermen find the exact locations to ensure they catch the right fish at the right time of year. Also added is suggestions on the type of tackle and bait options to catch specific fish and recommendations on the best times of the year.

To make the practical side of things easier, there are also lists of places where you can purchase supplies along with their contact numbers. The province-specific rules and regulations for fishing at the various spots are also included.

Another distinct thing about Gone Fishing is the fish identification guide containing everything you need to know as well as the SASSI data base and local catch records.

This guide is truly every fisherman’s friend and will get anglers excited, organised, informed and ready for their next expedition.

Gone Fishing, is available in Afrikaans as Viswaters Toe and will both be available in printed and in eBook format.


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