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Mild to Wild


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Mild Wild is the ultimate guide to adventures and activities in Southern Africa. The book rates activities as To Do, Mild or Wild, depending on intensity; as well as grouping them in categories of land, water and air adventures. A brief description of each activity is given together with contact details of companies and tour operators that can assist you in planning your adventure.

Maps show the location of each activity using icons which can be cross-referenced to the text entries. Maps of popular tourist regions are also featured.

Countries include:
– South Africa
– Lesotho
– Swaziland
– Botswana
– Zimbabwe
– Mozambique
– Zambia
– Malawi
– Kenya
– Tanzania
– Uganda
– Rwanda
– Indian Ocean Islands

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[box]About the author:

author_fiona_mcintoshFiona McIntosh
A freelance photojournalist and the editor of Nightjar Travel magazine, Fiona has an enviable life of travelling and adventuring, all in the name of work.

She has driven the length and breadth of South Africa researching numerous books on hiking, scuba diving, mountain biking, flowers (yes, flowers!) and other adventures.[/box]


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