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Passes en Poorts



Passes & Poorts

Passes & Poorts – South Africa, more than 80 best loved Passes en Poorts. South Africa’s scenic mountain routes offer travellers easy passages into the rugged splendour of wild and remote areas where nature reigns supreme. Many still follow ancient animal migration routes; others are modern engineering masterpieces that challenge gravity.

South Africa’s Favourite Passes & Poorts provides a detailed guide to more than 80 of the best-loved ones and is packed with information to enrich readers’ driving experience, from fauna and flora to the personalities behind the passes.

Activities highlighted in each area include hiking trails, mountain-biking tracks and 4×4 routes. Each chapter ends with tips on where to eat and stay, from bush camps and self-catering cottages to luxury lodges and hospitable guesthouses.

Many passes can be done as drives or weekend trips en route to some of South Africa’s most popular holiday destinations; driving others is an adventure in itself. Full-colour maps assist in travel planning, and the routes and points of interest are well illustrated with colour photographs.

Marion Whitehead became a passionate pass chaser when she worked as a tour guide in the Garden Route and Little Karoo. An author and travel photojournalist now based in the Eastern Cape, she loves roaming the countryside, driven by a nagging curiosity to see what’s around the next bend.


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