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Topographic Sheets of South Africa




Topographic Sheets of South Africa

Topographic Sheets of South Africa on a USB flash drive containing over 1900 high resolution images of South African government survey sheets at a detailed scale of 1:50 000.Locate any survey sheet using the convenient Google Earth interface.

Perfect for farmers, developers, estate agents, town planners and land surveyors.



Adobe PDF Reader installation files
Google Earth™ installation files

Google Earth 

This contains a Google Earth™ compatible (KML) file which can be loaded into the Google Earth™ software. It is an overlay which indicates the location and name of all the 1 : 50 000 Survey Sheets for the country. It is intended to serve as a visual index to easily locate the Survey Sheet you are looking for.


Within this folder are 2 PDF files.

  1. The first, 50k Survey Index.pdf, is a printable reference indicating coverage much like the Google Earth™file described above, but also includes a list of names of the Survey Sheets and the year in which they were last reviewed.
  2. 2. The second PDF, Overview.pdf, is a simplified, printable map clearly indicating provincial boundaries and reference for the Survey Sheets, down to the smallest subdivision


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